In the two historical company-owned factories, the cured meats are packaged under the "Morgante" and "Salsamentaria Olvino Morgante" brands.

Safety, Quality and Care
For over 50 years, they have delivered the best expression of Italian cured meat products, with the greatest attention to quality and compliance with the safety regulations for consumer protection. In first place is the company's pride and joy: the truly unique PDO Prosciutto di San Daniele. Completing the broad range are: cooked hams, frankfurters, salami, pancette, speck and matured meats, all processed in the traditional way by experienced craftsmen.

Tradition and Typicality
The tradition of craftmanship and ties to the territory are the secrets of the Salsamentaria Olvino Morgante line, which offers high quality products, made from only the best Italian and Friulian pork; refined delicacies which, upon every mouthful, express the history and flavour of the nation's food culture. A journey into the tastes of the past with a sensitivity towards modern day needs; this is how the company keeps its founder's name alive.