Named “little Siena of Friuli" for the pureness of the Friulian language
that is spoken and for the beauty of the hilly countryside that surrounds it,
San Daniele del Friuli, situated on top of Colle Massimo, is without doubt one
of the most attractive places in the Anfiteatro Morenico area.

This small town of just over 8,000 citizens is characterised by a charming old centre, with palaces and churches of considerable historic and artistic importance. Amongst these are the Casa del Trecento, the only building still intact from the ancient medieval village, the old Town Hall with its integrated loggia, the fourteenth century church of Santa Maria della Fratta and the Parco del Castello park, where the Ticozzi de'Concina Palace is situated with next to the church of San Daniele in Castello.
San Daniele del Friuli is also surrounded by a rich and inspiring landscape. For example, a feature not to be missed is the Strada dei Castelli (Road of Castles) in the hill region. Rich in history and culture, it is dotted with numerous castles, including that of Colloredo di Monte Albano.


  • Head Office and Prosciuttificio (Ham factory):
    Aonedis, 3 - 33038 San Daniele del Friuli (UD)
    COD. FISCALE E P.IVA 00050970318.
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  • Administrative Headquarters and Salumificio (Cured Meats factory):
    Via Aquileia, 76 - 34076 Romans d'Isonzo (Go)
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