The Morgante family has always believed it essential to communicate the guaranteed quality of their products and processes to the consumer with maximum transparency.
The company's energies have always been directed towards researching quality. This is partly a response to the demands expressed with increasing conviction by consumers, customers and public opinion, but it is also an underlying commitment to improving production processes, products and services, decision making and administrative procedures and customer support.

Morgante is therefore committed to ensuring customer satisfaction every day, through a rigorous selection of its primary materials and thorough internal processing, from the meat to the packaged product.

The quality department controls all of the company procedures and the conformity of its products, partly through an internal testing laboratory equipped with modern instruments and dedicated staff.

Adhering to the principles of attention to work and respect for the environment, it strives towards sustainable development in all aspects of its activities, also in terms of organisation of its production processes, and aims to minimise environmental impacts or potential on-site risks.