For over 50 years Morgante has been an established name on the market, thanks to the quality of its meats.This quality that has improved in parallel with the consolidation of the company's structure, which has evolved from the shop opened by Luigi Morgante in the first half of the 19th century, to the solid industrial reality that it is today.

The Morgante family's story has strong ties with the area it belongs to: Friuli, a land rich in flavours, traiditions and charm; a land which the Morgante company has helped make famous through its products, in particular, Prosciutto di San Daniele. By following the directives of the Protection Consortium, the company now stands out with an extremely high quality PDO prosciutto, the fruit of a smart mix of technology and tradition.

Guided by a passion for excellence, the Morgante family aims to enhance the intrinsic quality of its products, from the selection of the primary material, through the various production phases to the end product, all the while stimulating the professional growth of its staff towards quality.

Counting on advanced technologies and its loyalty to the knowledge and flavours of the land, Morgante works daily to offer today's consumers, who pay ever greater attention to the quality of what they eat, products with a unique taste, born from a skillful combination of selected ingredients, expertise and company values.

Morgante, genuine quality.

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