"Salsamenteria" is an historical term meaning delicatessen which also conveys the craftsmanship, professionalism and experience, typical of this activity.

The Salsamentaria Olvino Morgante® delicatessens aim to recreate the atmosphere of the old salsamentaria that the Morgante family set up at the beginning of the 1800s in Tarcento, a Friulian hill village.

At the two company-owned stores, the full range of Morgante cured meats directly from the producer is on sale, including PDO Prosciutto di San Daniele,

the undisputed leader of the range.

In a welcoming environment with a friendly shopkeeper, you will learn all about the special qualities of Morgante cured meats and the selection of cheeses and speciality foods from the different regions of Italy.

A general selection of major-brands consumer products is also available, to the benefit of the customer.